Qudal gold medal for Dijamant mayonnaise

Qudal gold medal for Dijamant mayonnaise

Consumers recognize the quality!

Dijamant mayonnaise won the Qudal gold medal for quality in the category of mayonnaise in the opinion of the consumer in the market of Serbia for the period 2014/2015.

QUDAL – QUalitymeDAL is a project of market research and rewarding the high-quality products and services in the market, backed by the Swiss house ICERTIAS – International Certification Association GmbH headquartered in Zurich.

The Dijamant Company has won the most votes in the survey of consumer product and service quality QUDAL-QUalitymeDAL on the Serbian market in 2014.., on a representative sample of the general population. The subjects in this study have listed Dijamant Company as a manufacturer of mayonnaise, which by their personal experience and opinion provides an absolute highest level of quality in the Serbian market.

Dijamant mayonnaise is produced according to traditional recipes from high quality sunflower oil, preservative-free, fresh from the egg yolks and add-ons that give them their characteristic properties and full taste. That is why they are a favorite supplement of numerous hot and cold dishes, salads and an essential component of the gradient, and an indispensable addition to sandwiches.

Unique flavor, perfect texture and natural ingredients are synonymous with quality, therefore, not surprising that consumers are crowned Dijamant mayonnaise with gold medal. For them, there certainly no dilemma – Dijamant or none!

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