Dijamant today

The company Dijamant DOO today is the largest producer of edible oils and the leading manufacturer of margarine, vegetable fat, and mayonnaise and delicatessen products based on mayonnaise in Serbia.

The company Dijamant DOO is the largest producer of edible oils and the leading manufacturer of margarine, vegetable fat, and mayonnaise and delicatessen products based on mayonnaise in Serbia. In addition, alongside the goods for mass usage, company Dijamant produces also raw materials for other food industry, especially for confectionery and bakery.
In The composition of the Agrokor, Dijamant has entered in mid-2005, when they made significant improvements in all areas of business.

The portfolio of existing brands, Dijamant and Dobro Jutro, is visually modernized and expanded with new products, and the launch of the new brand of functional foods, Omegol, which soon took a prominent place among consumers in the Serbian market.
Along with these activities, there has been formed a strong distribution network, which covered the entire territory of Serbia, with distribution centers in Belgrade, Nis, Cacak, Vrbas and Zrenjanin. Dijamant products have become available to consumers in remote parts of the country; the company has taken the leading market share in oils, margarine and mayonnaise.

Dijamant is a modern company which respects all principles of modern business, with special emphasis on the needs of consumers. Meeting the wishes and needs of consumers, production of healthy food, in accordance with the strictest international standards in the food industry, and continuous innovation in the different categories of products are the main goals of the company.
Following the latest trends, Dijamant produce and markets new products with reduced fat content. Exceptional quality of its products which are characterized by taste, preferred by many generations of consumers, as well as modern packaging, company Dijamant successfully meets the requirements of the market.

The company is also an important factor in the agricultural sector, particularly in the production of oilseeds, which includes the development of partnership relations with agricultural producers, as well as the development of logistics coverage for the purpose of purchase and a modern, safe storage of the oil crops.

As a leading manufacturer within the oilseed industry, the company aims to continuously invest in the development of new and improvement of existing products, as well as in the development of the production process, in accordance with the latest international trends in the development of food technology. Numerous national and international awards are the proof of the leading position of the Dijamant in the production of oil, vegetable fats and margarine.

Special attention is given to investing in human resources. Employees in the Dijamant, in addition to having the opportunity to gain experience in a large system such as Fortenova group, which includes numerous synergy opportunities within the Group, they have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills in various seminars and workshops to improve personnel management and technical profile.

Many Fortenova Group products are consumers’ first choice and guarantee a strong market position, and the denseretail network provides an indispensable shopping experience. Fortenova grupa d.d. was formed April 1, 2019, withthe successful implementation of the creditors’ settlement in Agrokor. The Group has over 50 000 employees andoperates in three core activities: agriculture, retail and food, as well as non-core operations.

By means of vertical integration, through agricultural and food production as well as its own retail network,Fortenova Group is constantly providing consumers with fresh, healthy and local products of controlled origin andsuperior quality.

As a socially responsible company, Dijamant pays great attention to environmental issues and constantly works on improving the quality of life in the community.