Dijamant DOO

The company Dijamant DOO today is the largest producer of edible oils and the leading manufacturer of margarine, vegetable fat, and mayonnaise and delicatessen products based on mayonnaise in Serbia.

The history of “Dijamant” began back in 1938, when “Beograd” joint stock company for production of cooking oil used to process 25 tons of sunflower a day with only ninety workers, which resulted in the production of six tons of oil. Less than two years later, the seat of the company was moved to Petrovgrad, today’s Zrenjanin, and in 1946, the company became a public enterprise and began operating under the title “2. oktobar” cooking oil factory.  In the second half of last century, the capacities were expanded to include silos for sunflower meal, cooking oil, industrial facilities, as well as facilities for the production of plant oil.

The famous “Dobro jutro” margarine was created in 1980 in cooperation with “Kolinska”, and only eight years later, Dijamant’s mayonnaise was created as well, which made us the first company for the production of margarine and mayonnaise in our country.

At the end of 20th century, we have expanded our scope of activities by launching plants for the production of plant fats and margarines, which started the production of domestic sauces under the Dijamant brand. The development of the brand portfolio followed the growth of operations – Dijamant and Dobro jutro were completed in a visual sense and in terms of the product assortment, and a new brand of functional food, Omegol was also launched, which very quickly positioned itself with the consumers in the Serbian market.

Parallel with the development of our portfolio, a strong distribution network was formed with centres in Belgrade, Nis, Cacak, Vrbas and Zrenjanin, covering the entire territory of Serbia. Dijamant products are available to consumers in all parts of the country, and have become a synonym for quality, tradition and successful operations.

Today, as the leading producer in the oilseeds industry, the company continuously invests in product improvement, as well as the development of the production processes, in line with the latest global trends in food technology. Numerous local and international awards are evidence of Dijamant’s leading position in production of edible oil, vegetable fats and margarine, and our favourite are the ones given by consumers, because we are the first choice for them. Our new product line, “Dijamant nacin”, for which we symbolically say that “it gives flavour to life”, won numerous awards, and we showed how food becomes a philosophy and ritual that reflects the lifestyle with innovative products.

Dijamant’s years-long position of market leader in the categories edible oil, mayonnaise, table and spread margarine, was confirmed by Nielsen, based on collected data for the retail market, naming Dijamant the number one brand in Serbia in 2021.

With agricultural and food production, and with its own retail network, we continuously serve our customers with fresh, healthy and locally-made products of controlled origin and quality. We are a significant factor in the agricultural sector, especially in the segment of oilseeds production, which entails establishing a partnership with producers, as well as logistical coverage for the purpose of purchasing and safely storing oilseeds.

We see joining Fortenova Group as an important turning point in our operations, making Dijamant a part of a system that continuously posts good business results in the entire region. Fortenova Group strategically invests into development of production and processing segment, investing tens of millions of euros into development of new facilities for pressing and extracting oil, with a capacity of 1,200 tonnes per day, which will bring new business opportunities for the oil plant in Zrenjanin.

Dijamant is recognised by its partners and customers as a socially responsible company, which pays a great deal of attention to environmental protection and improving the quality of life in a social community. We are especially committed to the Follow the Sunflower project, which is aimed at persons with Down’s syndrome and their inclusion into social processes, as well as Young Confectioners, which is dedicated to talented secondary school pupils and the “sweetest” craft.

Even after over 80 years of business, we remain true to our philosophy – to not give up on quality and to “have a finger in every pie”!