Quality management and food safety

Quality – the degree of perfection!

1997. Federal Standardization Office in Belgrade has certified quality management system in the Dijamant DOO according to JUS ISO 9002.

2004. external certification by TÜV SÜD confirmed that Dijamant DOO has a quality management system compatible with the requirements of the revised standard ISO 9001:2000. The quality system was then extended to HACCP and is implemented as an integrated system.

2009. The entire production and all products are certified by HALAL standard – the standard of the Islamic community that excludes the use of materials originating from pigs and alcohol.

2011. introduced to the GMP + – Dutch standard for safety of food for animals.

2011. introduced the IFS – International Food Standard (German-French), which in 2013 will be replaced by another standard from the group GFSI: FSSC 22000 – Food Safety Management System.

2012. introduced to the ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System for environment.

2015. all oils and all vegetable fats are certified by KOSHER standard. Kosher standard prescribes the production and preparation of food under special Jewish customs. Kosher certificate (Heb. Kashrus – appropriate, correct) guarantees that a particular food product are compatible with the requirements prescribed by the Torah.

Those standards include the area of production of raw and refined edible vegetable oils, vegetable fat, vegetable addle, fatty spreads (margarine, cream margarine and margarine spreads polarina), mayonnaise, mayonnaise-based products, a mixture of additives and excipients in a bakery production, food for animals.

With these certifications Dijamant DOO makes another step in the successful operation and Development, which is based on the production of quality and safe food according to European standards, for the needs of both domestic and foreign markets.

All this would not be possible to implement without constant training and creating of awareness among employees about the importance of customer satisfaction, fulfillment of their expressed his unspoken demands and expectations.

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