1. Introductory Provisions

By accessing and/or using the Dijamant’s website, the User acknowledges that he has read, understood and that he agrees to the Terms of confidentiality of data and how to use the Dijamant website. If the user does not agree to the same, he /she shall refrain from using them, to leave them, and do not access and/or use the Dijamant’s website.

2. Changes confidentiality

Dijamant is authorized to amend the Statement of confidentiality at any time by posting the amended text of the declaration of confidentiality on the Dijamant website. Changes to the declaration of confidentiality shall enter into force immediately after its publication on the website. Any use of this site by End User after such statements will mean as the acceptance of those changes.

The user undertakes to periodically re-read the Declaration of confidentiality in order to meet with any changes. If the user uses the Internet site after changes to the Statement of confidentiality, the assumption is that it was introduced with modifications to make them understand and fully accept. We exclude liability for any damage caused to users, registered users or third parties as a result of such changes.

3. Types of information collected and use the information collected

Dijamant collects personal information identifying users website. When the user involved in certain activities on Dijamant Internet sites, such as opening an account, subscription to a newsletter, publish content and / or publishing articles on forums, participate in competitions organized by the Dijamant, filling out surveys, post comments, send your feedback to the Dijamant, search for information about products, posting videos, Dijamant may require the Members to provide certain information about yourself. The user is not required to engage in the above activities. If the user chooses to include, Dijamant is authorized to request personal information: name, address (including ZIP code), e-mail address, telephone number and date of birth and photo.

Dijamant is entitled to use the personal information Members to offer you products and services, organized the competition, improve the performance of Internet sites, boost advertising and promotional efforts, analyze website use, improved offer Dijamant products and services and examine your experience with third parties. Dijamant is expressly authorized to use comments to by other users informed about the products. Such a comment may be published in the Dijamant advertising materials on Internet sites. In addition, if you are using the Dijamant website to send information to other persons or products, Dijamant is entitled to keep personal information by the recipient. Dijamant is authorized to use personal information for Members troubleshooting, implementation of administrative tasks, contact, respect for contracts, including terms of use and confidentiality of the Declaration of Dijamant Website, respect applicable law, and cooperate with law enforcement.

Dijamant is authorized to collect information that does not identify a specific End User, including the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) Internet sites visited by the user before opening the Dijamant website, URL web pages visited by the user after leaving Dijamant Internet site, type search by User benefits of this the user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address. Authorized service providers and advertisers can automatically collect this information when you visit Dijamant Internet site, through “cookies” and other tools. Dijamant use such information only for troubleshooting, administering the website, analyze trends, gather demographic information, analysis of compliance with the applicable laws and cooperation with law enforcement agencies.

Depending on the type of activities, some of the information identified as mandatory and some as voluntary. If the user does not provide the required information for a particular activity that requires it shall not be permitted to engage in that activity. The diamond will not collect personal information through its website as follows: name, address, telephone number or electronic address of the user, unless the user voluntarily application, the Dijamant registers or do the same through surveys, consent and/or if so permitted by current laws and regulations for the protection of personal data.

4. Disclosure of Personal Information

Dijamant Identification will not share personal information with other parties, but may share information about users of the Group’s associated companies whose member is Dijamant.

Dijamant provides certain services and products through third parties. The third service providers carry out certain activities in the name and on behalf of Dijamant such as sending and distribution of diamond administrative and promotional e-mail messages. Dijamant can be divided personal data by providers of such services to meet the orders, delivering packages, sending postal mail and e-mail address, the administration of the competition, duplication of information on customer lists, analyzing data, providing marketing assistance, provide search results and links, process credit card payments, management of Internet sites, troubleshooting, and providing customer service.

Dijamant is authorized to disclose information about the user in order to protect the Dijamant company and the protection of others. Dijamant is authorized to reveal Personally Identifiable Information when reasonably Members expect that the disclosure is to help law enforcement or necessary as a result of a court order that will ensure compliance with this Statement of Confidentiality Conditions of use of our Website or other agreements; or protect the rights or safety of the website, its Users or others.

If the user does not want to have their personal information used to support customer relationship (especially for direct marketing or market research), Dijamant will respect the user’s choice. Personally identifiable information Dijamant does not sell to third parties, except Dijamant associates.

5. Amendments and correction of information

The user is authorized to change any personal information by sending an e-mail message or changing the profile. In the e-mail message User shall indicate the name, address and e-mail address, and what information it wishes to supplement. The user can also feel free to request deletion or removal of information about your account. The Customer is aware that diamond can not delete information associated with past transactions on the Dijamant website.

6. Choose a user regarding the collection and use of information

Users can not turn off receiving Administrative e-mail messages related to a User’s activity on the website, and include messages related to a specific user account, requests or queries and messages relating to the purchase of goods and services. The user has the option of requesting a promotional e-mail messages that advertise products Dijamant, including exclusive sales and other offers, and/or products and services related companies. Dijamant sends promotional e-mail messages to registered users who have opted in to receive advertising messages. If the user does not want to receive promotional e-mail messages at any time after registering, you can choose canceling receiving promotional e-mail messages. In case of contact, the Customer must indicate the name and surname, address, e-mail address and what type of promotional e-mail messages no longer wants to receive.

7. Data protection

To protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss or alteration and against unauthorized disclosure or access Dijamant undertakes technical and organizational security measures.

The user can access personal information on the Internet pages of diamond using passwords and e-mail address. The user is advised not to disclose your password to third parties. The user is familiar with the fact that no data transmission over the Internet or any wireless network can not be 100% sure. Although diamond implemented commercially reasonable safeguards to protect the data, it can not guarantee the security of any information transmitted to or from our Internet sites and is not responsible for the actions of any third party who receives such information.

8. Monitoring Data

Dijamant is entitled to keep the “cookies” on your computer that contain information about the user that are used to save time by using the Internet during the Dijamant site, to monitor and direct the Customer’s interest to provide services tailored to each customer. “Cookies” are also collected by others – not by personal information. Diamond benefits of Third Party Advertising Companies to serve ads on the Dijamant website. As part of their service Third Party can put separate “cookies” on your computer, over which diamond has no access or control. User can edit your browser settings would refuse “cookies”, in which case it may happen that some parts of the Dijamant website may not work properly. Dijamant may use other standard technology for monitoring the use of Internet sites and promotion, and may allow third service providers use these methods in the name of Dijamant.

9. Confidentiality of Third Websites

This declaration of confidentiality applies only to the use and disclosure of information that is collected from Dijamant customers. Other Internet sites that can be accessed via the Dijamant website have their declarations of confidentiality and collection of data and methods of their use and disclosure to them. Dijamant is not responsible for the terms and conditions of work of third parties.

10. Underage persons

Underage persons can participate in promotional activities only and exclusively with the consent of a parent or guardian. Dijamant will not knowingly collect or maintain information – personal data of children under the age of 14 years without insistence to gain parental consent, if so required by applicable law. Personal child’s data will be used or published only if so permitted by law, with the permission of parents according to local laws or regulations regarding children’s protection.

11. Application of Statement

This statement applies from 01/01/2016 by recall byDijamant.