Let’s protect the environment for future generations!

The credibility of environmental protection depends on the degree of involvement and participation of the public. It is expected that the transparency of the procedures – assessment of impact on the plans, programs, projects and their implementation on the environment, increase public confidence because the authorities provide free access to information and provide the opportunity to discuss the proposed decisions before their adoption. It is also enabled for the public to seek reconsideration of decisions made.

The aim of the Law of environmental protection is the harmonization of national legislation with EU legislation, the creation of institutional and normative conditions for consistent approach in the adoption and implementation of strategies and development plans, programs and decisions, adapting business processes and other activities in the environment and compliance measurement system of prevention and control of the use of natural resources, and environmental protection in general.

In order to implement the laws and regulations in the field of environmental protection, there have been identified certain categories of environmental aspects of the company Dijamant, which can have a negative impact on the environment, over which are implemented monitoring measures.

With the consent of the General Director, interested parties can access the data related to significant environmental aspects.

The adopted monitoring system to monitor parameters of the environment at the site of Dijamant DOO, which covers all the aspects identified:

  • Air quality and air emissions
  • Wastewater Quality
  • Noise
  • Waste Management
  • Management of Chemicals and Biocides products

In the company Dijamant, in addition to the development of new technologies and the development of existing, we carefully follow the latest domestic and international requirements for environmental protection. We encourage the use of renewable energy sources, prevention and control of pollution of the ecosystem. This permanent objective is achieved not only by investing in new technologies and working methods, but also by developing awareness of all employees about the importance of personal contribution to environmental protection.

Constant innovation in order to monitor the world’s demands for quality and safety of their products, based on scientific research and market demand, Dijamant daily meets its consumer’s requests.

Let’s protect the environment for future generations!