Purchase of oilseeds

Contracting and organization of primary agricultural production

Arranging and organization of primary agricultural production of oilseeds is one of the key activities in the success of the Dijamant Company. In cooperation with more than 400 suppliers Dijamant, for decades back, is actively involved in the organization of production of sunflower and soy in our country. Dijamant is today one of the largest single purchasers of oil plants in Serbia, with an average of purchased 250 thousand tons of raw materials annually. With the help and recommendations of the expert team of managers at, the distribution of intermediate goods (mineral fertilizers and sowing seeds), securing the conditions for storage and transport of raw materials, as well as placing the by-products (sunflower and soybean meal), Dijamant aims for successful agricultural production.

Distribution of intermediate goods

High quality intermediate goods are the basis of successful agricultural production. For this purpose Dijamant, every and each year provides to its suppliers qualitative and cost accessible intermediate goods in the field of mineral fertilizers and sowing of sunflower seeds and soybeans.

In terms of mineral fertilizers in the offer, they are the most important and complex mixed nitrogen fertilizers, imported, and they are NPK, NP (MAP), urea and AN.

From sowing seeds of sunflower hybrids and soybean seed in the offer, there are high quality seeds of the reputable company.

Organization of Storage and acceptance of raw materials

The successful organization of the purchase of raw materials, Dijamant engages high-capacity storage, as well as more collection points distributed on the territory of Vojvodine. Also, for more efficient storage of oilseeds during the purchase, Dijamant additional engages storage capacities of other legal entities.

Thanks to the recent investment in the latest actual warehouse in the region, with 50 thousand tons of sunflower seeds, it enables the quick and efficient reception of oilseeds in the context of the oil factory in Zrenjanin, which is of great importance for all participants in the organization of purchase.



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