Products developed by the Dijamant industrial program, were prepared from high-quality vegetable oils and fats with carefully selected additives and flavorings. They find wide application in the food industry.

Vegetable fats and margarines intended for use in the industry are :

  • no ingredients of animal origin
  • without cholesterol
  • without allergens
  • without GMOs

Margarine / margarine spread

Making a selection of adequate margarine is difficult. Therefore Dijamant offers the possibility to choose a good margarine together. If...

A mixture of additives

Dijapek, improver quality of the flour used for production of bread and baked goods, outstanding performance: maintains of the freshness...

Partially hydrogenated vegetable fat

Hydrogenated vegetable fat products are of high quality refined vegetable oils non-lauric, by process of partial hydrogenation and subsequent refining....

NT vegetable fat

Dijamant is in the line with the new market trends and customer requirements, so we have dedicated developed a group...