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Tartar Sauce

Sauce based on mayonnaise with natural supplement of fermented pickles and selected spices.

Suitable as a side dish with all kinds of hot and cold dishes, meat, vegetables, sandwiches, as well as for preparing salads.

Tartar sauce is based on mayonnaise with the addition of marinated pickles and selected spices, it is ideal with the Vienna and “Karadjordjeva” steak, croquettes of fish and chicken, fried mushrooms and cauliflower, as well as with all kinds of salads.


Energy value 1992 kJ / 484 kcal

52 g
of which

Saturated fatty acids 6,6 g

3 g
of which

Sugar 1 g

Proteins 1 g

Salt 1,5 g


Did you know?

Vienna and Karadjordje steak, croquettes of fish and chicken get a real feel of the restaurant when they are served with tartar sauce. Yet give a chance to the fried mushrooms and cauliflower! Its great!