dobro jutro slani sa maslacem

Dobro Jutro salty with butter

For those who like a little more intense flavors, Dijamant has included in its range a new product of rich taste and perfect lubricity, made from vegetable fats and butter, with the addition of sea salt.

This blend makes the perfect version of Dobro jutro spreads for all those who enjoy good food.

Energy value 2111 kJ/ 513 kcal

57 g
of which

Saturated fatty acids 18 g

< 0,5 g
of which

Sugar < 0,5 g [/cmsms_tab][cmsms_tab title="Proteins"] Proteins < 0,5 g [/cmsms_tab][cmsms_tab title="Salt"] Salt 0,8 g % = nutritional reference values