Dobro jutro Dijet

Dobro Jutro Diet

Contains only 40% fat and it has a low caloric value. It contains no trans fatty acids. Light and fresh taste. Enriched with vitamins A, D and E. It is ideal for all who care about the calories, as well as during the fast.


Energy value 1480 kJ/ 360 kcal

40 g
of which

Saturated fatty acids 10 g
Monounsaturated fatty acids 12 g
Polyunsaturated fatty acids 18 g

0 g
of which

Sugar 0 g

Proteins 0 g

Salt 0,7 g

Vitamin A 1650 μg (206%)
Vitamin B6 660 μg (47,1%)
Vitamin B12 0,39 μg (15,6%)
Vitamin D3 7,5 μg (150%)
Vitamin E 20 mg (167%)
Folic acid 132 μg (66%)

% = nutritional reference values


Did you know?

To make the cake nicely separated from the cooking pots use "Dijavit" margarine, at same time, you will get a beautiful, soft and crispy cakes.