Dijamant Dijavit

Dijamant Dijavit – margarin spread for fine pastries, cakes and creams

Thanks to its excellent structure and aroma, ideal for the preparation of creams, fillings and cakes. Easy to install in cream, giving it a greater volume when mixing. Has a reduced fat content (70%). It contains no trans fatty acids.


Energy value 2590 kJ/ 630 kcal

70 g
of which

Saturated fatty acids 35 g

0 g
of which

Sugar 0 g

Proteins 0 g

Fibres 0 g

Salt 0,2 g


Did you know?

Margarin izvađen iz frižidera lakše će se umutiti ako se izdrobi kašikom ili isecka na listiće i stavi u posudu prethodno ispranu vrelom vodom.