Dobro Jutro, the favorite brand of the consumers

Dobro Jutro, the favorite brand of the consumers

Beograd 10.12.2012. – Awarding of the “My Choice 2012″ for the most popular domestic products and brands, and this year it brings the award for the company Dijamant Zrenjanin, for „Dobro Jutro” margarines as well as the most popular consumer product in the category of oil, supplements and dressings.

Once again confirms the quality of the brand, “Dobro Jutro,” and by consumers, whose opinion is the most important to the Dijamant. The survey, based on which the awards were given, was conducted in 17 cities in Serbia and it analyzed the view of consumers by representing 146 products from the domestic market.

Dejan Stanojevic, head of distribution center in Belgrade, accepted the award on behalf of the company. „For the Dijamant the quality is always on the first place, and tradition of business and long-term investments have made us a leader in the market. The quality of our products has been recognized by our consumers and so we are particularly proud of this award. “- Said Dejan Stanojevic the award ceremony.

Award “My choice,” traditionally for the third consecutive year organizes the association “My Serbia” and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce in order to encourage the development of production and investment in improving the quality of local products and services.

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