Dijamant Company, the winner of the “Best from Serbia 2008” award

Dijamant Company, the winner of the “Best from Serbia 2008” award

Edible refined sunflower oil was for decades the most recognizable brand of Dijamant AD Zrenjanin on the market.

In traditional action “Best of Serbia 2008”, organized by the Ministry of Trade and Services, Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Economic Review Journal, came another confirmation of the quality of sunflower oil from Dijamant Company, by winning the award in the category “best brand”.

The long recognition among consumers, top quality, sleek design and affordable price is always classified Dijamant sunflower oil in the group of the most successful brands in Serbia.

The award “Best of Serbia” for 2008, which is assigned to Dijamant sunflower oil, is another confirmation of the quality of products alongside the many years of successful operations of the company.

Investments in infrastructure and cutting-edge production technology, decades-long commitment of the employees and the loyalty of consumers, have contributed that the Dijamant company, after 70 years of existing, to be awarded with such prestigious award.

Dijamant AD, as a socially responsible company and a leader in the production of oils, fats and margarines, always wants something better. Therefore, we want to thank all our customers that have recognize for decades the efforts of all employees in the Dijamant and quality that is produced in our factory. In this way, our consumers have contributed to Dijamant sunflower oil to win this prestigious award.

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