Company Dijamant Award winner of the Superbrands Serbia

The event Tribute Event held on 25 April at Metropole Palace Company Dijamant received another award for successful business, this time it was a prize Superbrands Serbia. The award was received on behalf of the Director-General of the Dijamant, Slavica Keselj. Corporate business of the Dijamant Company, by this award, once again comes to the fore. Continued investment of the company, product quality and social responsibility, are the attributes on which the company acquired a Dijamant trust and loyalty of consumers across our country. With this award, Dijamant becomes user of the golden trademark Superbrands for all its products. Superbrands program is now present in more than 80 countries around the world. The criteria for obtaining the status Superbrands Serbia are based on three main characteristics of the brand: recognition and reputation, long-term consistency and reliability and responsibility.

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