Awarding Ceremony Captain Misa Anastasijevic

Awarding Ceremony Captain Misa Anastasijevic

Dijamant is the best brand in the region!

ZRENJANIN 12.16.2015. The company Dijamant is the winner of recognition “Captain Misa Anastasijevic” for “best brand in the region.” The award ceremony was held at the National Theatre “Tosa Jovanovic” in Zrenjanin a decision grant to grant the award, was made by the jury consisting of prominent businessmen, professors and journalists.

This evaluation of creativity is organized within the project “Road to the Top”, which was created 15 years ago, with the basic idea of affirmation of economic and social creativity in Serbia. The recognition of “best brand in the region” went to the Dijamant Company, the largest producer of edible oils and the leading manufacturer of margarine, vegetable fats, mayonnaise and delicacy mayonnaise-based products in Serbia. Generations of consumers have grown up with the Dijamant products which are related to the values such as the highest quality ingredients, exceptional taste, and strict quality control in all manufacturing facilities, tradition and trust.

Numerous national and international awards speak in favor of the Dijamant Company’s successful operations. Award “Captain Misa Anastasijevic” for “best brand in the region,” is the latest in a series of valuable awards that the company Dijamant has won the in 2015. “Dobro Jutro,” was and remains the first and favorite domestic brand based on research of the Brand score. Dijamant Oil is based on consumer votes, took the title of favorite oil in the category “Oil, supplements and dressing” and got the gold medal, “My Choice” for a five-year market leadership for edible oils, while Dijamant mayonnaise is the holder of the Qudal gold medals for quality in the category of mayonnaise for the period 2014/2015.

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